Our Mission

To “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.”  Psalm 82:3


My heart is to be a father to the orphans, to let Christ’s love flow through me to them, for them to know the God who loves them, for them to realize their inestimable value, for the word “hope” to mean a confident excitement of a God-blessed future, as they discover the amazing things their creator envisioned for them before they were born.

The kids you see in these pictures only get here because of abandonment, severe neglect, and/or severe abuse/torture.  I am not showing all those who were severely hurt for their sake.  When they arrive, they have many problems.  Some may cry in your arms for more than a week.  A woman can detect when things are not quite right with a girl and it wouldn’t be unusual to find an otherwise normal little girl with STDs, and once in a while internal injuries so severe that you can’t fathom how she is still alive, and requires immediate surgery to save her life and enable her to have her own kids later in life.  Eating disorders are universal because they never knew when they would eat again.  It is always busy, and especially while you are having your own kids at the same time.  However, I learned from Mariella Bernal of Nuevo Amanecer that Christ’s love can transform a couple dozen orphans into a family of servants, just waiting for an opportunity to help you and each other.  The pictures of happy kids are the product of those who God so filled with Christ’s love that it burst into these kids.  As a couple, you have to know when to say no when it would push you beyond your limits, which would be a disaster for the ones you have.  Things you can be sure of at 9,000 feet near the equator are very few insects can survive at that altitude so plants and flowers are so perfect they look artificial, days will all be 12 hours +- a few minutes, it will be in the high 60s during the day and in the 40s at night, you lose fat fast, you will eat right because you have to, and you will sleep really, really well.