September 2020

Now is the time to fast and pray for our nation.  The life of our unborn, our nation, freedom of religion, and the shaping of millions of children’s education and values hang in the balance.  God has given us the power to wage war in the spiritual realm and win the hearts and minds of people He already paid the price for.  God says, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.  Some things only happen from prayer and fasting.  He said the gates of Hell cannot prevail against us.  Fast and pray for a landslide of Godly leaders to be elected.

It has been a discouraging time that I do not understand.  When I researched tickets to Colombia, I wasn’t able to get them due to COVID.  If I got there somehow, they would refuse me entry.  Once there, the US Embassy wouldn’t let me return, which actually has some advantages.  I will also be praying for the excitement, clear vision, and focus I have been robbed of that I normally have.


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